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How to preserve your Energetic Vibrational Frequency

It’s an absolute truth, even quantum physicists have proven it. We are not comprised of just this physical body. Our presence doesn’t end at our physical skin. We have an energy field around us. This energetic aura connects us to other living beings and the universe as a whole. We are all interconnected. Each one of us emitting a unique aura all part of the same divine brilliance. Your personal vibration is your greatest resource, it is even more vital than money, time or physical energy.

When we are connected with this feeling of being a part of the divine, our true essence being love, then our energy vibrates at a higher frequency. Our positive thoughts, feelings, and healthy practices begin to support a bright energy field.

Should you choose to live in a state of fear, negativity, and separation, by filling your body with unhealthy thoughts, feelings and practices (low-vibrational food, alcohol, and drugs), then your energy field becomes blocked, clouded, and dark.

This unseen (by most) field of energy not only impacts us but draws others as well. This energy acts like a magnet. It attracts experiences in the world that match our energetic vibration. We create our energy with how we treat ourselves inside and out, we are responsible for our energy and our life experiences. Life doesn’t simply happen to us. Rather, our outer experience is a reflection of our vibrational state.

When you want to know the quality or vibration of a thought, just notice how that thought makes you feel – the way in which you feel is always a tell-tale sign of your vibration. If a thought provokes constricting emotions like fear or frustration, you are going in the wrong direction. If a thought provokes expansive emotions like love, peace or compassion, you are going in the right direction.

Like energy attracts like energy – that’s physics. Struggling for abundance does not work. How to preserve or raise your vibration? Recognize the energetic power of you and what it offers the world. It’s all about vibrational alignment, frequency, and harmony. The vibration of your thoughts create your life so I list below some ideas that continue to help me supercharge my energy – you then get a deeper, better connection with the universe:

1. Focus on your breath

This practice takes us right into our body, calms our nervous system, and shifts our energetic presence. When focusing on the breath, you become aware of your mind, and it’s tendency to jump from one thought to another. The simple discipline of concentration brings you back to the present moment and allows you to experience all the richness that it contains.

2. Focus on the present moment

Living in the present moment is the source of your power and energy. Most of us are so busy filling our lives with unending tasks. Make time for yourself to slow down and trust that this is a very important task. If you are constantly living in a state of anxiousness about the future or reliving the past, then you’re wasting the energy available to you at the present moment. Surely we’ve all heard this bit of advice time and again, yet it never ceases to be true as it holds a significant benefit to our wellbeing. Consistently stressing about the future or regretting choices in our past robs us of life in the ‘NOW’.

Instead, try forgiving yourself and others. This allows us to become free from the invisible energetic bond we have and opens us up to the magic and beauty of the present moment.

3. Be mindful and consciously aware of your emotions

Many of us have been taught to stuff our feelings down, especially if they are negative. Actually, what we should all be doing is to feel all of our feelings. Being human is the doorway to the divine.

Before we can manage our feelings, we need to be aware of them. Awareness allows us to not only engage in the experience but also decide how we want to respond to it. We need to realize how the energy of our emotions affects us. The next time you catch yourself in an emotional experience, try to notice your behavior and identify the feeling behind it. This will give you insight and a new ability to manage it.

4. Repeat a mantra like, “I am divine love”

Mantras help to retrain your mind away from conditioned beliefs. They help us return to our true essence, as mantras carry a vibrational frequency that permeates throughout the body. Your energy vibrations depend a great deal on self-love.

I know it’s hard at times. Especially if you made mistakes, bad decisions, or missed opportunities in your past. Nonetheless, treating yourself poorly is a bad habit that you need to replace quickly. With repetition, compassion, and empathy you’ll begin to experience love for yourself once again. Life is a journey and there will be things that crop up when you least expect it. If you fall back on old habits or new ones that aren’t positively serving you – keep calm, composed, and know that you have the strength to get through it.

5. Cultivate compassion

Your energy is something you put out into the world. It can the capability to either uplift or drain others. When you notice this vibrational connection and become aware of how we affect one another, it becomes clear and we can start to take more responsibility for the energy we radiate.

5. Final thoughts

By engaging in daily practices like mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and healthy eating we shift our energy. We begin to operate at a high vibrational frequency, the frequency of love, and that’s when we are a magnet for more positive relationships and experiences.

Learning how to raise your vibrational frequency is the single most important thing you can do to improve your life. By learning to raise your vibrational frequency, you will be able to create the biggest possible impact you can have on yourself, and the planet as a whole. This shift is so powerful that it will change everything about you and the people you come into contact with.

When our energetic aura shifts, our consciousness expands, our nervous system neutralizes, and we begin to fully realize and experience a spiritual awakening…the recognition of our divine essence. Things become possible that weren’t before. A miraculous life unfolds in front of us.

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