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Are You Ready To Reconnect To Your Higher Self?

Your Higher Self is a part of you that allows for direct connection to the spiritual realms. I believe that it goes by many names (God, Universe, Divine, I AM, and so on), but ultimately it is all referring to the same…source energy. Your total collective soul consciousness. This energy is eternal, overflowing with infinite wisdom and transcends our everyday consciousness. Plugging into the connection of the Higher Self, and its depths of inner wisdom is an incredibly powerful achievement.

Who you are today in the body you created is a projection of the consciousness of your higher self. I know that this may be tough to follow and even more outlandish to believe. But I would like you to imagine this, you are in walking in the dark, you cannot see the path but you still have an instinct to move forward. You begin to rely on your other physical senses to guide you through the dark. Let’s apply this to connecting with the higher self, consider yourself moving through this life in the dark…unsure and fearful with glimpses of what you want your life to be like. When you make the commitment to plugin to your higher self, you begin to access limitless guidance, knowledge, and support. Are you ready to get plugged in? Yeah, I thought you might be.

First, it is important to know that you are always connected to your higher self, but the purpose is to consciously reconnect with your higher self.

If you are ready to work towards reconnecting with your higher self, you’ll begin to have access to infinite wisdom.

There are many practical tools that you can use to connect with your higher self, but you must find the one that is right for you.

1. Belief

The very first step that is a requirement is for you to believe that you have a Higher Self to establish communication with. In very simple terms belief happens when we expect something to work. That’s really all there is to it. You look forward to something, you anticipate it, you prepare for it, and it happens. Once you are in that mindset then you can expect every day that this communication will improve as you focus diligently on inner growth.

2. Meditation

This is a technique that can be used at any time and place. We use it to quieten the mind and restore peace and harmony within ourselves. This has a profound effect on our outward life as well.

Meditation is intended, not to stop us thinking, but to help us to silence the internal chatter that constantly fills it so we can experience a renewed sense of energy. This, in turn, enables us to bring identity, clarity, and freedom to take control over our lives. There are many practices that you can study and use.

3. Journaling

Maybe you’ve never thought of journaling as a spiritual discipline. Perhaps it is not for you…but what if journaling wasn’t simply about recording the past, but preparing for the future? If this was the case it would stand to reason that journaling was about deepening our joy in the present. Perhaps no single new practice would enrich your spiritual life as much as keeping a journal. Record your feelings, emotions, gratitude, dreams, and insights each day in a journal. This will help you become more present in the moment and allow for closer contact with your inner intuitive depths.

4. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the ultimate tool for self-cultivated spirituality. Mindfulness is intentionally observing human experience from a place of calm objectivity, anchored in the present moment. Focus on living more in the present, in the NOW. In short, you will become exponentially more effective at life, and discover the difference between fleeting happiness and continual-enduring joy.

5. Inner Dialogue

Conduct a regular inner dialogue with your Higher Self. How does inner dialoguing work? Just pretend that you are chatting (as in texting) with someone. Say to your Higher Self, “I know you are there and I want to get to know you and pay attention to you. Please begin to speak to me and guide my life” It’s likely that this dialogue will be entirely one-way, to begin with. Persist with this inner dialogue as if talking to a friend – chatting, asking questions, sharing your hopes – and begin to listen for answers. They will come.

Inner dialoguing has many benefits as it connects with your creative self and your intuition. It also helps you make efficient and effective decisions because you’ve been able to voice your concerns – rather than letting them overwhelm you as they circle around in your head. And lastly, this exercise of connection also creates a feeling of peace – which ultimately is also what you’re looking for when you’re feeling stressed or unsure of a decision.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to get plugged into your higher self. Remember, you may have spent a good portion of your life out of touch with Source. Therefore, it takes time to learn how to re-establish contact. Anything worth doing takes time and practice. Be vigilant and practice these steps every day and you will receive the answers you seek. Remember: The Higher Self WANTS to be in contact. In fact, to even speak of it as someone apart from you is contradictory. The Higher Self IS you! The real you. So get in touch with YOU! Keep in mind that this is a process and must be diligent about it.

Your higher self is your ultimate guide and once you’ve tuned into your higher self you’ll be able to source some key information about why you’re here and where you should be going next. Just imagine the possibilities that can happen to your life when you’ve connected and masterfully building the life of your desires!

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