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The Small Things Really Matter

The Small Things Really Matter

I was in personal crisis, questioning; “Where am I going?” “What am I doing?” and then I was delivered some pretty scary news, my elderly dog of 11 had pneumonia, this can be a challenged state for a young and healthy being and yet I was willing to ask him “What do you want?” At first, I was surprised by what I got back, he was just as shocked as I and was not sure what this journey looked like for him. He said, “is this a shot over the bow, or the thing that takes me out?” For the first day I sat with him for the day and night, giving him his meds, making him comfortable, doing Reiki, bringing him water…he was not eating, and his breathing was so labored. At the beginning of the second day, I noticed a shift in his energy and he said that we would do it together…just as we had all along.


That shift of energy bolstered the care in me to support him in all the ways that I could. Summer had just begun in Texas, and it was sweltering hot. It was also important for me to keep him cool, so his breathing was not exasperated, this meant traversing outside in the early morning or late night to avoid as much heat as possible. The 3rd night we were outside, the moon was so bright and Liam just wanted some time to ground into the grass. I saw that my son’s battery-operated car cover had some water on the top, so I pulled it up to dump it out. Once the water started streaming down I heard a tiny crying cat. When I pulled the cover the water began streaming down on it as it was sitting under his car.


As I looked down I saw a kitten, a large one, but a kitten non the less. His eyes were goopy and his throat horse, he had fleas, ear mites and was very skittish and not interested in coming to me. I put out some milk and then the little guy became my insta friend, who has now since been named Oscar. Since I had a sick dog, I was not prepared to care for a sick cat. My dog is a giant breed and the care of such a family member is exorbitant. I had gotten this dog with someone whom I love very much and expected that we would all grow older together, however Kevin passed away when Liam was 2. Liam was too weak to make it in the house on the first night and I could not lift him. This caused a bit of a breakdown, I was angry and sad…I not supposed to be doing this all alone! I was feeling both financially and emotionally tapped.


I posted a plea for some help on the NextDoor app and began calling places to see if I could get someone to take Oscar. The shelters were full and not taking in new animals. I then sat with myself for a bit, in that space I could feel the importance for me to help Oscar…I also made it clear that he was not mine to keep and after I make the space for that, the gifts just began to flow! A beautiful being on NextDoor reached out, we will call her June, and said that she has worked in cat rescue for years and might be able to help. We connected and that night she brought over everything I could possibly need to care for this little guy (powdered kitten milk, a syringe wet food, a carrier with a litter box and extra litter inside). June was SUCH a gift and provided so much! It made the it so much easier to care for Oscar with the right tools. June also offered to pay for him to go to the vet if I would take him…and of course I was happy to!


And the magic does not stop there. After June brought over all those things I received another message from a woman, we will call her Janice, and she said that if I still had him, she wanted him. I gave her a run down of what I could visibly see was going on with Oscar and asked if she was prepared to care for him. I received one of the most profound messages that I’ve ever gotten in return, it broke me to tears.  Janice goes on to tell me that she has fostered failed multiple kittens and she wanted to care for Oscar. Then Janice tells me something I could NEVER have known or orchestrated in my life. Janice says "You likely have no idea who I am, but several years ago, you and your kiddo spent some time with me at the Casa Linda Starbucks at a point when I was about to give up on my life. Your few words of encouragement and your kiddos smile made a huge difference in my life. I guess it just goes to show the small things really matter”. I crumble to the floor, unable to speak and my heart is open more than it has ever been as I just break down and sob, letting it all go!

Final thoughts

I could never have imagined that this little kitten Oscar could bring me so much in ways of gifts and pure magic in the 2 days he was with me and in the end he got his furr-ever home! I received the gift of a complete stranger showing up for me (I was not alone), I received the gift of confirmation that who I be is more meaningful than anything else (showing up as me in all the ways), I received the gift of honoring, caring and deepening my relationship with a loved one (Liam got healthy because we did it together)! Life is curious and mysterious, the inner and outer workings.

Listen, be present and show up the way you want the world to be, you just never know who it might impact #QuantumArchitect



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